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Your visit to Bulgaria may fade into oblivion unless you have tasted the traditional cuisine of our country!

If you want to feel the authentic taste of the Bulgarian food, you have to stop at our grill outlet – BGD: Balkan Grilled Delicacies. The first Bulgarian Fast Food project of the well-known Chef Viktor Angelov is already a fact and is welcoming its clients with its original, high quality recipes. Among our typical representatives are the Bulgarian “kyufte” (meat ball), “kebapche” (meat fingers) and the “Shopska” salad, all prepared only with prime local ingredients: fresh meat, delicious vegetables and authentic spices.

Come and enjoy our specialties!

Our cuisine

The meat Have you ever tasted a freshly grilled, juicy meat ball (kyufte)? The flavor of our tempting meat dishes will charm you from first glance and their taste will leave an indelible impression on your palate. The specialties are made of 100% Bulgarian meat, produced by specially selected farms, seasoned with typical Bulgarian spices, so we can guarantee about the authenticity of the Bulgarian cuisine. In combination with fresh crispy chips and salads, you get a truly culinary adventure. Give them a try!
The bread Superb aroma of freshly baked bread wafts above the old, but ‘golden’ bakery, built at the beginning of the XXth century. The bread is kneaded according to an original recipe, and its soft texture and crispy crust bring pleasure for all senses.
The lemonade A single gulp is sufficient to convince you of the extraordinary qualities of our lemonade. There are only three ingredients but they are more than enough – lemon juice, natural colouring agent – saffron and sugar. Freshen up with a sip of cold lemonade to boost your good mood!
“Lyutenitza” The lyutenitza is a delicious aromatic side dish prepared on site, according to a granny’s recipe. It has been long known that the key to the irresistible lyutenitza is hidden in the home-grown Bulgarian ingredients: sweet red peppers, ripe eggplants, delicious tomato paste as well as spices of strong flavour, everything grilled and minced. The lyutenitza goes perfectly well with our meat specialties to offer your palate immense pleasure.

Meeting point

Working hours: 11:30 – 21:00

bul. "Prof. Fridtjof Nansen" 27, Sofia
+359 883 468 888

bul. "G. S. Rakovski" 108, Sofia
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